Walter Baranger

Vice President

Walter Baranger, former senior editor of news operations at The New York Times, joined InquireFirst as Vice President in August 2017.

Baranger, who served as The Times' senior editor for news operations before taking a buyout from the newspaper earlier this year, headed to California to join the journalism faculty of California State University, Fullerton.  We're pleased  that he also joined InquireFirst in expanding our organization.

In his role as InquireFirst Vice President, Baranger will focus on strategies for growing our nonprofit news organization, which offers professional development programs for journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Baranger has a deep understanding of the challenges facing journalists in Latin America and around the world. During his 27-year tenure at The Times, he logged more than 3 million airline miles traveling to more than 60 countries and nearly all of the U.S. states in support of the Times newsroom.

He will also work on technical and security issues confronting our online organization.  And he will instruct journalists attending InquireFirst workshops on cyber security issues and ways to protect their equipment and their information from private and state-sponsored hackers.

During his 27-year tenure at The New York Times, Baranger logged more than 3 million airline miles traveling to more than 60 countries and nearly all of the U.S. states in support of the Times's newsroom.

His departure came 46 years after he sold his first news story to the Los Angeles Times for $10. Over the decades, Baranger has worked as a reporter and editor at The San Diego Union and Evening Tribune, as a copy editor and columnist at The Press-Enterprise in Riverside and even as a reporter for high school sports at The Orange County Register. His accomplishments and awards include The New York Times Publisher’s Award for introducing satellite communications to the newsroom, and an additional Publisher’s Award for designing an online version of the Times Manual of Style and Usage.

He has covered 13 wars and conflicts, several Olympics, and countless political conventions and special events including the impeachment trial of President Clinton, 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and Hurricane Katrina. Baranger was The New York Times Company's longtime delegate to the International Press Telecommunications Council, and was liaison between the newsroom and major news wire services.

Baranger is a 1986 graduate of California State University, Fullerton, and was invited to the 2010 National Security Seminar at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.

He returned to Cal State Fullerton in August 2017, this time as faculty to teach two journalism classes – Specialized Reporting/Politics and Journalism Innovations.

Baranger has been married to Kathy for 35 years. They have three children and three grandchildren.