Audrey Aguilar

Logistics Director, Symposiums

Audrey Aguilar is an event planning specialist who interned for the U.S Commercial Service in the U.S Consulate General in Tijuana, Mexico, assisting in commercial trade shows to identify potential import/export opportunities in Tijuana and San Diego.

For the last nine years, Audrey has also helped coordinate workshops, private events, forums and movie premieres. In 2009 she worked in the Mexican Senate as an assistant and advisor to the Latin American Parliamentary Committee specializing in international affairs in Latin America and Caribbean.

In November 2016, Audrey assisted with logistics during an InquireFirst international Investigative Journalism symposium organized by Executive Director S. Lynne Walker.

Audrey earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. She also participated in an exchange program for European Studies at the Universidad de Castilla La Mancha in Toledo, Spain, on the introduction of Arabic and Islamic studies.

For five years, Audrey worked as an English and French teacher at the Institute Real de Playas in Tijuana, Mexico. She is also qualified as an English-Spanish Certified Translator.

Audrey now resides in San Diego.