Elizabeth Douglass

Elizabeth Douglass is a veteran journalist whose work in print and online has received national recognition. She was a finalist for the Gerald Loeb Award, and her stories have led to appearances on The Rachel Maddow Show, Public Radio International, Chicago public radio, and local radio and television stations, as well as in a PBS documentary about turmoil in the defense industry.

Most recently, she covered energy companies, pipelines and the nexus between energy and climate change for InsideClimate News. Her work there included widely-cited stories about vulnerable oil pipelines that cross through Yellowstone and other rivers; how energy projects across the country lock in decades of harmful carbon emissions; and how a culture of fear permeated a nuclear power plant. Prior to InsideClimate News, she spent 10 years at the Los Angeles Times, where she covered energy, telecommunications and aerospace, and 10 years at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Published Work

Exxon Knew Its Ruptured Pipeline Was Old, Defective and Brittle, and Still Added New Stresses
Published Aug 12, 2013 InsideClimate News
Industry experts say vulnerable pipelines like the one that failed in Arkansas can operate safely—but only if they're carefully monitored and maintained. Read more...

Is the Oil Industry Off a Cliff or Just in a Down Cycle?
Published Aug 6, 2015 InsideClimate News
Low prices are forcing companies to curtail exploration and borrow to sustain dividends and stock value as the world looks to curtail emissions. Read more...

Ruptured Yellowstone Oil Pipeline Was Built With Faulty Welding in 1950s
Published Jan 22, 2015 InsideClimate News
Poor safety, defects may have added risks to pipeline that spilled up to 40,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River. Read more...

In Keystone Fight and Beyond, Infrastructure Is Energy Policy
Published Jan 8, 2015 InsideClimate News
New pipelines, power plants and export facilities would lock in carbon emissions for another generation and continue the dominance of fossil fuels. Read more...

Workers at San Onofre Nuclear Plant Report Culture of Fear, Deep Mistrust
Published Oct 4, 2012 InsideClimate News
Edison, the utility that runs San Onofre, is in upheaval as it digests new evidence that many of its employees are working in an environment of fear. Read more...

The Oil Industry's Fight to Kill Renewable Fuels—and Why It May Win
Published Feb 10, 2014 InsideClimate News
For all its faults, the Renewable Fuels Standard is the only federal policy that is steadily eroding the oil industry's de facto monopoly on motor fuels. Read more...

Wall Street Demands Answers From Fossil Fuel Producers on 'Unburnable' Carbon
Published Oct 24, 2013 InsideClimate News
Groundbreaking initiative is forcing an investor rethink: What's the value of fossil fuel stocks if companies must leave reserves in the ground? Read more...

San Onofre’s Problems Continue
Published February 26, 2009 Voice of San Diego
Mistakes and management problems continue to mount at the San Onofre nuclear plant, despite an unprecedented executive shake-up and a year-long effort to convince federal regulators and an industry ratings group that things are improving. Read more...

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