Caitlin Rother

Caitlin Rother

Public Appearances

TV clips of Rother discussing some of the subjects of her true crime thrillers.

Peggy Pico of KPBS interviews Rother about the controversy over her book, Lost Girls.

One-hour interview with Caitlin Rother on “Shattered Lives,” talking with host Donna “Lady Justice” Gore about Rother’s latest book, “Then No One Can Have Her,” and related issues, including murder, domestic violence, and abusers, in November 2015.

Podcast of 15-minute interview with Rother by host Lorraine Ballard, aired on several radio stations in the Philly area in December 2015.

New York Times bestselling author and investigative journalist Caitlin Rother has written or co-authored 10 books, drawing from decades of newspaper experience covering topics ranging from criminal justice, suicide, addiction, mental illness and murder to corruption, incompetence, and waste at City Hall and in Congress. Rother has done more than 100 TV and radio appearances as a crime expert. Her latest book, “Then No One Can Have Her,” and her Kindle short, “A Complicated Woman,” were published in 2015. Her next book, “Love Gone Wrong,” a compilation of intriguing murder cases, will be released in 2016. She is currently working on a political crime book about San Diego’s historic Strippergate corruption case.

Published Work

La Jolla Cove is becoming a sea lion cesspool…and there’s not much to be done about it.
Published January 15, 2014 in the San Diego Reader.
A story about the sea lion population explosion, and related environmental issues, at the La Jolla Cove, won “Best of Show” for magazine stories at San Diego Press Club, January 2014.

Should California Taxpayers Pay for a Killer’s Sex Change?
Published August 27, 2015 in Orange Coast magazine.
A story about debate over transgender prisoners’ rights to sexual reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense, and specifically Skylar Deleon, who is on California’s death row for murdering three people.

Rother’s latest of 10 books, “Then No One Can Have Her.”
Released October 2015.
A narrative non-fiction tale about the story behind the Steve DeMocker murder case out of Prescott, Arizona,

Rother’s recent Kindle “short,” A Complicated Woman.”
Released December 2015.
A compilation of historic and compelling South Carolina murder cases.

Rother’s most controversial book, Lost Girls.”
Released July 2012.
The story behind the rape and murder of San Diego area teenagers Chelsea King (of California’s Chelsea’s Law) and Amber Dubois by sexual predator John Gardner.

Rother’s award-winning investigative profile of Carl DeMaio from 2005, which was widely quoted and considered the “Bible” on the highly controversial DeMaio when he ran for mayor of San Diego in 2012 and for Congress in 2014.


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