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Expanding the Box

A big part of investigative reporting is figuring out how the topics we’re examining fit into the broader world. This New York Times column by Farhad Majoo is must reading for everyone who believes, as I do, that offering readers this type of perspective is one of our greatest responsibilities. —Susan White, executive editor, InquireFirst

Are student loans worth the trouble?

Depends on whom you ask. The right loan can help students get through college. The wrong loan can lead to a lifetime of debt. But if you’re the guy dishing out the loans, you can get seriously rich. An investigation from Reveal, written by Lance Williams and investigative reporter James B. Steele, tells the cautionary tale in stark, compelling detail. You can read it, or listen to the podcast when you take your morning run.
Robert P. Laurence, InquireFirst

Ever heard of Trump Ocean Resort?

The jewel of Baja California? Probably not, unless you invested money in it. The L.A. Times investigation, which didn’t get much national attention, found that 250 would-be buyers deposited some $32.5 million for condos in Donald Trump’s promised luxury resort. End result? Not a shovel of dirt ever turned, not a dollar refunded.—Robert P. Laurence

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