What We Do

InquireFirst Executive Director Lynne Walker talks about professional development workshops for investigative journalists in Honduras and Guatemala.


InquireFirst is a new investigative journalism model created by more than a dozen experienced journalists who are committed to giving people the information and tools they need to have a voice in the issues of our time—issues that are too often dominated by powerful business and political alliances.

Each year we’ll investigate topics of critical national and international importance, using the ethical and reporting standards that have long guided the best investigative journalists. But three things separate what we’re doing from other news organizations.

First, we’ll aggressively use new and emerging technologies and social media to reach Americans who aren’t normally exposed to investigative stories—people who don’t read The New York Times, or follow ProPublica or listen to National Public Radio.

Then, once we have their attention, we’ll keep them engaged through interactive web platforms where they can exchange ideas, suggest solutions and press their political leaders to take action.

Finally, we’ll stick with our topics until the problems we expose are addressed, no matter how long that takes.

Our goal is to blend the highest ethical and reporting standards of traditional journalism with the freedom and creativity of the new media world that is exploding around us.

As part of our mission, we intend to share our innovations by holding symposiums for journalists throughout the world. In 2016, we will travel to seven Mexican states as well as cities throughout Guatemala to work with reporters and editors on investigative reporting techniques and economic models for online journalism.

We aim to inspire people to become more than simple consumers of news and to instead use our information to find their own answers to the perpetual question asked of aggrieved citizens: “What are you going to do about it?”