Julieta Pelcastre

Julieta Pelcastre

Logistics Director, Mexico Symposiums

Julieta Pelcastre is a Mexican journalist with more than 23 years of experience in investigative reporting. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications related to politics, migration, corruption, drug trafficking, security and defense, including Journalists for Transparency, 100 Reporters, Los Angeles Post-Examiner, Diálogo-America, Cox Newspapers, Mundo Hispánico and Ahora Sí.  For the past seven years she has been reporting on cooperative efforts between the United States and Latin American military.

Julieta also participated in 2018 as a panelist in courses organized by the Reyes Heroles Institute under the supervision of the National Electoral Institute of Mexico. Among the subjects covered were: political marketing and the evolution of social media; public image; and the media and its influence on the public agenda.

In addition, she headed the Organizing Committee of Conference of the International Network of Environmental Lawyers in Mexico City sponsored by the prestigious environmental law firm Vera & Asociados. The 2014 conference resulted in an ideal setting for the beginning of professional and commercial relationships among the more than 120 attendees.

She also collaborated in 2014 with the Institute of the Americas in San Diego, California, in the organization, execution and supervision of the first China-Americas Program congress in Mexico.

Julieta produced the documentary Mexico: Journalists Against Silence. And she was awarded the 2008 José Martí Silver Award for best article (in collaboration with Austin American-Statesman investigative reporter Jeremy Schwartz) by the National Association of Hispanic Publications for a series of articles titled “From Atlanta to Mexico.”