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Jennifer Lu

Jennifer Lu


Jennifer Lu is a graduate student studying data and investigative reporting at the Missouri School of Journalism. A fan of number-crunching and analysis, she also enjoys photography and doodling. Before realizing she could apply her curiosity to the fourth estate, she earned a master’s degree in biochemistry from Brandeis University and did research in medical and bio-engineering laboratories.

Jennifer Lu was a journalism intern with InquireFirst from January-May 2017.

Published Work

At least three programs that ensure the safety of the nation’s drinking water would be dramatically affected if the Trump administration succeeds in persuading Congress to cut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by almost a third, as recommended in the 2018 budget it released in May.

Trump's 97 Percent Cut for Great Lakes? That Was the Good News
Published March 17, 2017 by InquireFirst
The Trump administration’s budget wouldn’t just slash $290 million from the $300 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative—it would cut the program entirely.

Trump Could Drain Great Lakes Cleanup Budget
Published March 14, 2017 by InquireFirst
The future of the world’s largest fresh water source could be imperiled by a Trump administration proposal to cut federal funding for the restoration and protection of the Great Lakes from $300 million to just $10 million. That’s less than the federal government has spent on the president’s four trips to his Mar-a-Lago, Fla. resort since he took office.

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