Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold is a writer and editor who has worked in several news organizations since starting her journalism career at the Washington Post decades ago. She was the readers' representative at the Los Angeles Times from 2000 to 2011; being a liaison between the readers and the newsroom as the public was becoming a force gave her a distinctive perspective on the enormous shifts happening in the news industry. Earlier, while living in San Diego, Jamie was founding executive director of San Diego Cares, a volunteer corps designed to make it easier for busy professionals to learn directly about social issues by directly working with those in need. She continues to be fascinated by how (and if, and why) Americans stay informed, studying the ways in which reporting has been transformed by digital journalism and the social Web while still holding dear the principles of journalism.

Published Work

"UCLA student and illegal immigration"
Published February 8, 2009 in the Los Angeles Times.

"In tough times, praise for writing and investigations"
Published March 18, 2009 in the
Los Angeles Times.

"Same-sex marriage: How much coverage is too much?"
Published June 20, 2008 in the Los Angeles Times.


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